Google ‘Recipe Developer’ and you will be inundated with results in an instant. Nowadays, there are many companies offering Recipe Development services to businesses, but not all of them use Registered Nutritionists in that process. It may not be something you have considered before but working with a Registered Nutritionist can add huge value to this service. In this article, we list six benefits of working with a Registered Nutritionist on Recipe Development. 
1. Show your customers you care 
Registered Nutritionists have consumers health needs at the forefront of their minds. Our Registered Nutritionists have extensive experience in creating recipes which are healthy, without compromising on flavour. 
2. Provide detailed nutritional analysis 
People want to know what is going into their bodies. When you use our Recipe Development service, you’ll receive a detailed nutritional analysis as standard, allowing your customers to make informed food choices. Our Registered Nutritionists can provide information on recommended portion sizes; number of servings; ingredients and quantities; method; storage information; allergen labelling and a full nutrient breakdown. 
3. Make bold nutrition claims 
Nutrition claims are a great tool for increasing product sales. Using our nutritional analysis software, our Registered Nutritionists can help you to develop recipes which comply with legal GB Nutrition Claims Criteria, enabling you to make bold statements such as “low fat” or “high fibre” to your consumers. 
4. Adapt recipes to suit your customers 
Consumers are more health-conscious than ever before. Using a Registered Nutritionist means they can adapt and amend recipes to increase or decrease the amounts of important nutrients such as protein, fat and salt, to create meals that are well suited to your client base. 
5. Add credibility 
Using a Registered Nutritionist to develop your recipes provides your company with credibility and demonstrates to your customers that you really care for their needs. 
6. Save you time and money 
Developing, analysing and photographing quality recipes takes time. By outsourcing this service using a Registered Nutritionist, you ultimately save time and money that can be used elsewhere in your business. 
In conclusion, working with a Registered Nutritionist on Recipe Development can add great value to the final output, adding credibility to your recipes and catering to your customer’s needs while saving you time and money in the process. 
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