We’re delighted to announce that Harriet Smith (HRS Founder) has become a brand ambassador for LoSalt’s new Season with Sense campaign, which officially launched on February 9th, 2021. The campaign hopes to raise public awareness around excess salt intake and the adverse health implications that can arise as a consequence. Season with Sense aims to encourage UK consumers to make better salt choices in efforts to lower salt intake in line with healthy eating guidelines. 
“Salt habits start at home… Too much salt in our diets can lead to problems such as raised blood pressure (hypertension), and a higher risk of heart attack, kidney disease and stroke. Healthy eating guidelines recommend that we try to limit our salt intake to no more than 6g per day, however national food surveys show that most of us exceed this intake by as much as a third! So, we need to ensure salt remains on the radar when it comes to improving the health of the nation.” 
- Harriet Smith, HRS Communications Founder 
At the virtual launch event, Harriet joined Professor Sarah Jarvis, Sally Bee, Katharine Jenner (Action on Salt) and Caroline Klinge (Lo Salt) for an interactive virtual discussion and Q&A hosted by TV presenter Kate Quilton. 
As a brand ambassador, Harriet will be sharing evidence-based nutrition advice and healthy eating tips to help consumers to #SeasonWithSense. Her new role highlights the valuable perspective dietitians can bring to public health initiatives. 
Watch the Season with Sense virtual launch event HERE. 
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