We are pleased to announce a new collaboration with our long standing client, Nualtra. 
HRS founder Harriet Smith hosts Nualtra’s hugely successful Dietitian Café podcast, and so we were delighted to assist Nualtra with launching a brand-new show for the podcast – Dietitian Café #RD2B. 
Dietitian Café #RD2B will be aimed at student dietitians, bringing an exciting line-up of guests to discuss a range of topics across all areas of dietetics and nutrition. 
Finding the perfect host 
As one of the biggest podcasts in the Nutrition and Dietetics space, it was crucial to find a host for #RD2B that had the same drive, passion, and communication skills as the rest of the Dietitian Café team. 
To find the perfect candidate, HRS led a rigorous recruitment process, examining applications from and conducting interviews with many talented student dietitians from across the country. 
After concluding the search, we are thrilled to confirm that #RD2B will be hosted by Lucy Deere. Lucy is a second year Nutrition and Dietetics student at the University of Chester and is about to complete her P2 placement at the Royal Oldham Hospital. 
To celebrate Dietitians Week 2021, Lucy wrote an article for the Royal Oldham Hospital newsletter, where she shared her experiences as a student dietitian on placement. In her spare time, you’ll find her enjoying the outdoors, walking her dog, and camping. Lucy is an excellent communicator with a strong passion for dietetics - so we know she will fit right in at Dietitian Café. 
Bringing #RD2B to life 
The team at HRS have used our expertise to work closely with Lucy to create her one-year strategy for the show, and provided podcast training to prepare her for her new role. We will also be assisting with account management on an ongoing basis. 
The first episode of Dietitian Café #RD2B is set to be released at the end of September and will be released monthly thereafter. To make sure you don’t miss the launch, keep an eye on our social media feeds and subscribe to Dietitian Café on Spotify or Apple. 
More about Nualtra 
Nualtra is a medical nutrition company with the goal of delivering great-tasting, affordable Oral Nutritional Supplements (ONS). 
Nualtra aims to create better value for the healthcare systems in the UK & Ireland through introducing more cost-effective supplements and transforming CCG medical nutrition prescribing. Through innovating the best-tasting supplements in the market, they aim to create better lives for patients by improving their experience of medical nutrition. 
If you found this article interesting or would like any more information about HRS Communications and the services we provide, please contact us at info@hrscommunications.com
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